HF Email

 Email is now available to anyone anywhere using Reids Radiodata HF Email service. Using the advances in High Frequency Radio, Email can be sent and received in the most remote areas. 

The Reids Radiodata HF Email service gives you your own email address (username@reidsradiodata.com.au) so anyone anywhere in the world can send you an email, all you need to do is connect to the email server and email will automatically be downloaded to your computer. To send email the radio also automatically runs the entire email after it has been written. Security is assured with the new email system, the transmission is compressed and encrypted. Overseas this has been used for Bank Transactions in the oil rich areas. 

This email system requires you to have a Codan NGT.

H.F. radio has been the stalwart of people far and wide for many decades. As you would know, the RFDS has relied on it for its basic contact with the community.

We can now offer an H.F. radio that Emails, Telephones, Texts, Voice and can handle GPS positioning. There is nothing else with this capability. Both the email and telephone have multiple bases around Australia, this allows for trouble free coverage of vast areas.

There are many applications for this system, for example anyone without mobile telephone coverage or access to telephone lines for email use and 24 hour emergency contact with the RFDS. All of these features are available in the latest H.F. radios. GPS tracking is also available.


If Communication in the past has been difficult, the new generation H.F. radios may be able to help.


For questions and enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@reidsradiodata.com.au  or  Reids Radiodata (broadband)